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The Riverside County Board of Supervisors are also members of various other Committees and Commissions. The majority of these organizations hold their regularly scheduled meetings in the same board chambers as the County Board of Supervisor’s meeting; located at 4080 Lemon Street, 1st Floor, Riverside Ca 92502.

The Board of Supervisors Information Technology staff provides professional services to run “legislative” typed board meetings, workshops and training sessions. Complete board services, such as assisting organizations with creating agendas and agenda items in our agenda management system, providing audio video services using a new state of the art A/V system, supporting multiple Power Point presentations and video presentations through out the year. The staff also coordinates sending the meeting audio and video signal to the City of Riverside for live and replay of the board meetings. Meeting services provided and product delivery includes:

  • 6 high definition cameras, controlled by audio/video engineer in separate control room.
  • Integrated digital audio system for “house” sound inside board chambers, lobby and distribution to the County Administrative Center building and offices.
  • Digital audio/video of meeting/training sessions in chambers.
  • Digital audio (only) of the complete meeting/training in chambers.
  • Integrated audio bridge for remote audio conferencing.
  • Board room capacity of 333 persons, with overflow of up to approximately 100 more persons in the lobby area(s).
  • 35 seat dais, equipped with touchscreens; integrated into the agenda management system, voting system and request to speak for board members.
  • Clerk of the board area, with room enough for 3 staff.
  • Two staff areas, facing the dais; equipped with “program” feed of meeting and 6 microphones.
  • Two 80 inch “Program” digital televisions for audience view.
  • Four 45 inch “Program” monitors located in lobby for constituents and overflow visitors to be able to attend the meeting.
  • Static podium facing dais and portable podium option to face audience for training and workshops.
  • High definition document camera.
  • House wireless microphone system.
  • A/V streaming using Accela Digital Boardroom(owned by Granicus) and Minutetraq, Agenda management system. Results posted to website and “live” votes to audience.
  • A/V streaming with large visitor capability, using Livestream services and custom page integration and hosting for live events and archived on website for playback.
  • Still photography upon request.
  • Off-site meeting/events, including agenda management, audio, video and recording of events with “Livestream” at most sites.
  • Operation and “live” and recorded delivery to two local cable companies: AT&T (Channel 99) and Frontier (Channel 36).
  • Deputies available on-site for security, if needed.