Hi MinuteTraq Users,

This message is coming to you to let you know that we are aware of the frustrations many of you are having with the change to the new automated agenda Form 11 process in MinuteTraq. We are starting the series “Tips of the Day/Week” in hopes that these tips will enhance your understanding of how to create Form 11’s in MinuteTraq, give examples of standard language, as well as show workarounds and do’s and don’ts for some items. Most changes of this type take time to learn, to understand and to become skilled. Now that you’ve had several months to work in the system, I would like to come to your department for additional training. Please watch for an email concerning those opportunities and/or send me an email regarding your desire to have training.

MinuteTraq, users on this page you will find a number of good tips to help you with the day to day tasks using MinuteTraq in order to create your Action Items, FORM 11's

Please go through them and if you have any comments or happen to have a good tip which may be helpful to other users, please contact us at or micro 5-TRAQ (5-8727) with your Tip.

The Clerk of the Board had a training session on how to create a Form 11 using MinuteTraq, here are the documents from this venue, which you may find informative and rich in content, as always any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, as mentioned above.

Quick Support

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Clerk of The Board Form 11 - Training
Check-List for creating a MT Item (Form 11)
ACO Form 11 Presentation
County Counsel, review re MT
Human Resources, review of Form 11
Executive Office, Agenda training presentation
Purchasing presentation on MT

Here are the Tips Of The Week on how to manage using MinuteTraq

MinuteTraq Tip Name
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Company Name
Signatures, signatures, signatures
Different Dates
Signature Placement and Action
Dealing with Large Attachments
Target Date / Workflow Date
Sharing a MinuteTraq Item without using Workflow
Viewing Past Tips Of The Week
Working in the Action drop down Menu
Formatting the Subject
PDF printer error message
Adding signatures, other than Department Heads
Adding a Department Head to the Workflow
Adding Review person to the workflow, with NO signature
How to Duplicate an Item
How to add someone as a Delegate
Updating a USER Profile, Changing Email, Name, Job title and Phone in MT
Correct way to save document after revision
How to add a reference to a Companion item