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Current Boards, Committees & Commissions Report

Adv. Comm. On Substance Abuse- See BHC

Advisory Council On Aging

Affirmative Action Commission

Agricultural Appeals Board

Agricultural Theft Prevention Committee

Airport Land Use Commission

Alcohol Advisory Board

Alvord Drainage

Animal Services Reversal Task Force

Anza Valley Mountain Community MAC

Assessment Appeals Board 1

Assessment Appeals Board 2

Assessment Appeals Board 3

Assessment Appeals Board 4

Assessment Appeals Board 5

Aviation Commission

Banning Public Library

Banning-Cabazon Public Cemetery

BCC Advisory Committee

Beaumont Library

Beaumont Public Cemetery

Beaumont-Cherry Valley County Water

Beaumont-Cherry Valley Irrigation

Beaumont-Cherry Valley Rec and Park

Behavior Health Commission

Behavior Health RAB-Desert

Behavior Health RAB-Mid Co

Behavior Health RAB-Western

Bermuda Dunes Comm. Council

Billboard Review Committee- Inactive

Blue Ribbon Committee

Blue Ribbon Committee/Dev Fees

Board of Examiners

Bonding and Debt Advisory Comm.

Cabazon County Water (5)

CAC Wall of Honor Committee

CAT Population Control

Cathedral City Fire Protection (?)

Cathedral Sanitary District

Centennial Celebration Adv. Board

Children and Families Advisory Committee

Children and Families Commission

Chiriaco Summit Water District

Citrus Pest

Citrus Pest Control Board #2

Citrus Pest Control District #2

Citrus Pest Control Hemet Valley

City-County Design Rev. Comm. (M)

City-County Design Rev. Comm. (R)

Coachella Valley Animal Campus Commission

Coachella Valley County Water

Coachella Valley Fire Protection

Coachella Valley Lighting

Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector

Coachella Valley Public Cemetery

Coachella Valley Resource Conservation District

Comm. on Reorgan. & Structure

Commission for Women

Commission on Defense & Military Services

Community Dev. Coor. Comm.

Community Fac. Dist. Spec. Tax

Community Health Center Board

Compre. Agric. Preserve Tech.

County Archives Commission

County City Arroyo-Watershed Comm.- Dissolved

County Free Library AC-Dissolved

County Free Library

County Service Area 036

County Service Area 038

County Service Area 041

County Service Area 051

County Service Area 060

County Service Area 143 AC

County Service Area 146 AC (H)

County Service Area 146 AC (R)

County Service Area 149 AC

County Service Area 153

CSA Policy Task Force

De Luz (Santa Rosa) Community Services District

Deferred Compensation Adv. Comm.

Department Head Performance Evaluation Comm.

Department Head’s Salary Rev. Comm.

Desert Edge Community Council

Desert Hospital

Desert Hot Springs MAC

Desert Recreation District

Desert Water Agency

Development Disabilities San Bernardino Office

Disabled Access Appeals Board

Drug Abuse Advisory Committee

East Blythe County Water

Wast Valley Water Conservation

Eastern Municipal Water

Edgemont Community Services

El Sobrante Landfill Citizen Oversight Committee

Electrical Appeals Board

Elsinore California Water

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water

Elsinore Valley Public Cemetery

Emergency Medical Care Comm.

Elsinore Valley Public Cemetery

Emergency Medical Care Comm.

Employees Suggestion Program

Fair Board

Fair Housing Task Force

Fairscore Committee

Family Life Education Adv. Council

Fern Valley California Water

Fire Protection Review Board

Fiscal Review Committee

Fish and Game Commission

Flood Control Commission

Fly Abatement Commission

Free Library Advisory Commission

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)

Good Hope/Meadowbrook Municipal Advisory Council

Grading Appeals Board

Groundwater Quality Evaluation Committee

Growth Management Element Policy AC

Hazardous Waste and Materials Citizen AC

High Valley Water District

Highgrove Lighting

Hill Municipal Advisory Council

Historical Commission

Home Gardens County Water

Home Gardens Sanitary District

Housing Authority Adv. Comm.

Housing Review Committee Advisory Council

Idyllwild County Water

Idyllwild Fire Protection

Idyllwild Historic Preservation Local Review Board

IID Energy Consumers Advisory Committee

Imperial Irrigation

Improvement District No 3 Drainage

Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee

Indio Civic Ctr. Auth. Comm.

Indio Hills Community Council CSA

In-Home Supportive Services

Inland Empire Health Plan

Inland Empire HIV Planning Co.

Inland Empire West Resource Cons.

Investment Policies Oversight

Jurupa Area Recreation and Park

Jurupa Community Services

Justice System Advisory Group

Lake Hemet Municipal Water

Lakeland Village Community Council

Land Management and Fee Collection

Law Library Trustees

Local Agency Formation Comm.

Maternal, Child, and Adolescent

Mead Valley Municipal Advisory Council

Mecca Sanitary District

Mecca-North Shore Community Council

Mechanical Appeals Board

Menifee Valley Adv. Council

Mental Health Board

Mesa Verde Community Council (CSA 122)

Misssion Springs Water District

Mobilehome Rent Review Comm.

Mt. San Jacinto Winter Pk. Auth.

Murrieta County Water

Murrieta Fire Protection

Murrieta Public Cemetery

Museum Board

Norco Community Services

Northwest Mosquito & Vector Control

Nuview/Romoland Municipal Advisory Council

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Commission

Ortega Trail Recreation and Park

Palm Desert Water and Community Services

Palm Springs Civic Ctr. Auth.

Palm Springs Public Cemetery

Palo Verde Hospital

Palo Verde Irrigation

Palo Verde Resources Conservation

Palo Verde Valley Library

Palo Verde Valley Public Cemetery

Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency

Pechanga Historical Site AC

Perris Valley Public Cemetery

Personnel Review Board

Pine Cove County Water

Pinyon Communities Council

Pinyon Pines County Water District

Planning Commission

Planning Council – East Area

Plumbing Appeals Board

Poultry Advisory Committee

Plumbing Appeals Board

Poultry Advisory Committee

Private Industry Council

Public Works Study Task Force

Quail Valley Municipal Advisory Council

Rancho California Water

Regional Park and Open Space District

Regional Access Project

Remote Access Network / Cal ID

Ripley Community Council (CSA 62)

Riverside County District Trails Committee

Riverside County Asset Leasing Co.

Riverside County Youth Commission

Riverside County Redev. Agency

Riverside Transit Agency

Riverside-Corona Resources Cons.

Rubidoux Community Services

Riverside California Water

Ryan White Title I Funds

Safety Committee

San Bernardino Municipal Water

San Gorgonio Pass MAC

San Gorgonio Pass Memorial Hospital (5)

San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency (7)

San Gorgonio Resource Conservation

San Jacinto Basin Resource Cons.

San Jacinto Valley Public Cemetery

Santa Rosa Ranches California Water

Sky Valley Community Council (CSA 104)

Solid Waste Management Adv. Council

Southern Coachella Valley CSD

Southwest Area Com. Plan AC

Structural Appeals Board

Successor Agency Oversight Board/County RDA

Successor Agency Oversight Boards

Suggestion Review Commitee

Summit Cemetery District

Sun City/Menifee Valley Com. Plan

Supervisorial Redistricting Com.

Temecula Public Cemetery

Temecula Public District

Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta RCD

Temescal Valley Municipal AC

Temescal Valley Water District

Tenaja Community Services

Thermal Lighting

Thermal Sanitary District

Thermal-Oasis Community Council (CSA 125)

Thousan Palms Community Co.

Time Capsule Committee

Traffic Advisory Committee

Transportation Commission

Valley Health System Hospital

Valley Sanitary District

Valley-Wide Recreation and Park

Veterans Advisory Committee

Victims of AIDs Adv. Comm.

Vista Santa Rosa Community Council

Warm Springs Community Council

Western Desert Municipal Advisory Council

West Riverside Memorial

Western Municipal Water

Western Riverside County MSHCP Advisory Committee

Wildomar Public Cemetery / Incorp City of Wildomar

Winchester/Homeland Municipal Advisory Council

Woodcrest Municipal Advisory Council

Workforce Development Board

Youth Prevention Trust Fund Board

Youth Violence Prevention Policy Board

Yucaipa Valley County Water