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Contact: Office on Aging
Phone: (951) 867-3800
Contact Fax: (951) 867-3830
Support Agency: Office on Aging
File Number: 140-012
Number Of Members: 17
Meeting Time Monthly except July and August
Term Of Office: 3 years
Appointed By:
Nominated By: Board of Supervisors
Compensation: Mileage and Meals reimbursed plus a monthly stipend of $10.00 per month.
COI Required: No
Sunset Date:
Term Limits: Serve at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors.
Legal Authority: Est. 7/1/1994. Res. 82-327 (11/17/82) rescinds Res. 81-388, 79-140, 79-16 & 75-355. Res. 83-234 (7/19/83) amends 82-327. Res. 85-292 (7/23/85) – membership) amends 83-234; Res. 89-386 (8/1/89). Res. 2007-271 (7/17/12–2.12)/updates Bylaws.
Purpose/Task: To study, review, evaluate and make recommendations regarding all matters which affect all older persons including; health, education, housing, employment, recreation, transportation; identify unmet needs and public and private county services.
Min. Qualifications: A majority of persons 60 years or older; service providers, members who reflect the geographic, racial, economic and social complexion of the County. Each member must be a resident of the County or be employed within the County.
Duties: To advise the Board on matters affecting older persons of Riverside County.